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January 22, 2017

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**All donations will go directly to the Sikh Coalition to further their work in educating and advocating for Sikh Americans throughout the nation.**

The Sikh Coalition is committed to protecting the civil and human rights of all people. Founded in 2001, the Sikh Coalition is now the nation's largest Sikh civil rights organization working to address school bullying, workplace discrimination, hate crimes and racial and religious profiling.

Just in the past year, the Sikh Coalition has accomplished the following milestones for Sikh Americans: 

1.     The Sikh Coalition’s work to educate Americans through the Sikh Project photography exhibition - The Sikh Coalition partnered with British photographers Amit and Naroop to bring a groundbreaking free photography exhibition featuring portraits of Sikh American men and women to New York City. Over the course of 9 days, over 6,500 visitors came through the space – mostly non-Sikhs. Nearly 20 million Americans had the opportunity to learn about the Sikh faith, community and traditions through the national and international media work.

2.     The Sikh Coalition stands with the community – Thanks to years of advocacy and grass roots community work by the Sikh Coalition, the California State Board of Education recently passed recommendations that accurately include Sikh history in the curriculum framework. California now joins New Jersey, New York and Texas who all have Sikhism included in their state curriculum. 

3.     The Sikh Coalition’s continued work to engage with the media including the Daily Show Segment - The Sikh Coalition provided direct support in creating the Sikh segment on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Trevor Noahwhich aired a few months ago. On average, 500,000 Americans watch The Daily Show every night and millions more watch on various websites and social media channels in the days that follow. Their work broke new barriers in educating millions of citizens about the Sikh community.

4.     The Sikh Coalition’s work to end employment discrimination in the U.S. Military - After over eight years of work to end the presumptive ban on Sikh articles of faith in the U.S. military, in early January 2017,  U.S. Army issued updated rules governing religious liberty that significantly improve the standards for Sikhs and other religious minorities who seek to serve their country with their religious articles of faith intact. The Sikh Coalition is still seeking a permanent policy change but see this as a big step in significantly expanded equal employment opportunity for all Americans.

If you are as moved and impressed as me by Sikh Coalition's work, please consider supporting my campaign for civil rights.



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